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Unlock your copy of Path Scanner forever by buying a personal license for $9.95 or €9.95 (select your preferred currency). Click on the button below to complete the purchase over Pay Pal.

Benefits of buying a license:

  • Use Path Scanner unlimited times, for example in batch processes.
  • Since the Path Scanner is bound to a computer/server, you are entitled to 1 reactivation if your hardware changes (MB, CPU or MAC).
  • License is valid for unlimited time.
  • Path Scanner updates are included.
  • You will get email support.

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When you complete the purchase:

  • Get this tool to generate a HID (hardware ID). Send HardwareID.txt to here.
  • We will send a license file to your email you used for payment.
  • Then copy the license file to the same folder as PathScanner.exe.
  • That's it :)!
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